About Our Partner

SecTeer offers cyber security in their solutions.

VulnDB is the most comprehensive and timely vulnerability intelligence available and provides actionable information about the latest in security vulnerabilities via an easy-to-use SaaS Portal, or a RESTful API that allows easy integration into GRC tools and ticketing systems.

Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) provides actionable threat intelligence about organizations that have experienced a data breach or leaked credentials.

Along with RBS’s PreBreach Risk Ratings, this provides a deep dive into the metrics driving cyber exposures, as well as understanding the digital hygiene of an organization and predicting the likelihood of a future data breach.

The integration of PreBreach ratings into security and underwriting processes, vendor management programs, and risk management tools allows organizations to avoid costly risk assessments while enabling businesses to act quickly and to protect it’s most critical information assets proactively.

For more information about SecTeer please visit their website: https://secteer.com/