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American Range Systems (ARS) is dedicated to sharing the most advanced bullet catching technology that brings the range to you. Take the fear out of knowing a bullet’s final resting place, with a uniquely designed, self-healing ballistic face front that slows down projectiles on impact and a ballistic compound medium that continues to slow any projectiles momentum before bringing it to a stop. In the rare occasion a projectile reaches the back of an ARS unit, patented rear-angled AR-500 steel panels deflect back into the ballistic medium.

Their vision is to provide the mind-blowing technology that IS American Range Systems to as many people and businesses as possible. Whether you are a private citizen looking to improve or sustain your shooting, or a commercial business, ARS strives to provide the safest and cleanest way to bring the range to you! The idea is simple, ARS gives shooters the ability to site weapons, test function weapons, test bullets, and teach others safe firearm use with a personal range or commercial range setting.


American Range Systems

Phone: 231-220-1605

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