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Amidon Ballistic Concrete (ABC) sets the industry standard for ballistic concrete. Their mission is to create the safest live-fire training facilities on the planet. Building shoot houses, firing ranges, and MOUT Villages with Amidon Ballistic Concrete (ABC) provides the safest, easiest to repair and reconfigure facilities in the world. Using ABC is the most cost-effective method of creating live-fire facilities available and it has been tested and used extensively in many of the military’s most demanding special forces ranges.

Their patented process provides the best ballistic performance in the market because of their durability, speed of installation, lower maintenance and life–cycle costs as well as flexible configurations for multiple training scenarios. When you use Amidon Ballistic Concrete, you bring your project to the next level. You can count on our safety, durability and best in class technology and rest assured you picked the premiere provider for your project.

Modern live fire facilities must reflect actual scenarios in order to maximize training opportunities. Amidon works carefully to understand each client’s needs and create a live fire facility reflecting those needs. This can include multiple types of buildings, numerous objectives, location-specific facades and highly realistic atmospherics such as motion activated targets and simulators for scent, sound and smoke.

Amidon Ballistic Concrete is unique among its competitors in its ability to create multiple types of ballistic-safe buildings in multiple stories. Amidon is able to combine a number of technologies to create a hyper-realistic environment including advanced 3D targetry designed to react to live fire training (motion-activated, hit detection capable), auditory and olfactory simulators and extensive realistic interior finishes and exterior facades which can replicate almost any locale.This has created a realism that is unmatched in ballistic concrete facilities. Additionally, ABC is modular, thereby permitting a wider range of configurations for multiple training scenarios.



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