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Banyan Medical Systems is a digital healthcare innovator with revolutionary, turn-key solutions that unleash operational efficiencies throughout the continuum of care leading to better patient outcomes, more time for clinicians to do what they do best, and freed-up funds for the C-suite. Since 2008, BANYAN has been dedicated to improving access to information, coordination, collaboration and efficiency in healthcare settings.

Banyan’s solutions and services span from surgical suites and labs to clinical settings. BANYAN has been improving access to patient and treatment information, collaboration between physicians, and streamlining the healthcare process. AURA Virtual Care Delivery Platform, in conjunction with Corridor Procedural™ have been the keystone solutions from BANYAN, leading the pack in transforming healthcare.

Corridor Procedural enables seamless access to all patient data. BANYAN will exceed the expectations of healthcare providers when they experience the features of Corridor Procedural. Corridor Procedural is a revolutionary display platform which integrates multiple sources of patient information including visualization, video, IT applications and room controls into a single intuitive user interface. As the name implies, Corridor provides the path of access to all of a client’s needs in a healthcare environment by equipping them with a platform that ushers maximum efficiency into their respective departments. Corridor Procedural has the flexibility to be as unique as each patient, giving operating rooms and laboratories a competitive edge.

One of the most dangerous situations for a patient is a fall. Falls can result in injuries, or even death, and cause expensive liabilities for nursing facilities. AURA Fall Prevention Platform can prevent traumatic experiences for patients with a centralized patient monitoring center. This centralized patient monitoring center enables a virtual system to monitor multiple patient rooms equipped with cameras and speakers.

Having seen exponential growth, Banyan is excited to continue pursuing their mission of being a leader in transforming healthcare.


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