Offering a virtual wall of protection, Benchmark Secure Technology’s M2S2 puts cutting-edge surveillance, tracking, and acquisition at a user’s fingertips, simplifying complex situational awareness challenges. With 24-hour mobile, remote and portable surveillance across land or sea, Secure’s M2S2 unites imaging, unattended ground sensors, drone, radar, laser ranging, remote video, GPS, and MIMO radio technologies for the most comprehensive, customizable system available.


  • Prevent Border Incursions
  • Monitor Offshore Activity
  • Protect Assets and Citizens
  • Provide Event Security and Surveillance
  • Guard Sensitive Facilities
  • Deter Smuggling and Trafficking
  • Aid Search and Rescue Efforts
  • Bolster Homeland Security

About Benchmark Secure Technology: Benchmark Secure Technology works alongside customers to deliver communications, computing, display, and sensing solutions for aerospace, defense, and rugged industrial applications. We excel at solving complex challenges including communications system limitations, system incompatibility, and harsh environmental conditions.  

When defense market leaders require hardware constrained by size, weight, and power, interoperability with existing systems, and extreme environmental requirements, they partner with us to develop and build custom solutions. As a one-partner solution provider, we take a product from concept design through depot, offering cradle-to-grave support. “



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