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Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions, LLC was formed, and operates, for only one purpose:  To help “Save Lives and Protect Assets.”

BGAS manufactures 100% of the products we offer. Because they are the manufacturer, you are dealing directly with the source of the technology and experience that goes into each and every solution they create. By dealing directly with BGAS you are also assured of the very best pricing possible. BGAS offers a full line of Ballistic Safety Solutions, such as:

  • Ballistic Glazing – From UL 752 Level 1 through UL 752 Level 10, and even glazing that will stop multiple rounds of .50 caliber rifle impact. BGAS is your single source provider to harden any space, or protect anyone and everything that you may be concerned about.
  • Ballistic Store Front – Over-sized Glazing? No Problem. Up to 71 inches wide by 168 inches long. Our professional and experienced team, competitive prices, quick turnaround times, and industry leading quality are why BGAS is the solution of choice.
  • SchoolSafe Glazing – SchoolSafe™ glazing is their exclusive safety glass for schools and higher educational facilities. This glass is engineered to be forced entry resistant and withstand extensive physical abuse. We buy you the time for help to arrive and control the attempted intrusion. Keeping the hallways clear of intruders! ASTM Certified to meet safety glazing codes.
  • Forced Entry Glass – BGAS manufactures a full line of forced entry glass. While not ballistic, this glass is engineered to be a 30 minute or 60 minute rated deterrent, to keep the bad guys out.
  • Custom Glass Lamination – Whatever your needs, their 3 fully automatic autoclave ovens and world class manufacturing plant can provide you with the custom laminations you need.
  • Ballistic Window Frames – While their ballistic glazing will keep you safe…what about the frame holding it? BGAS manufactures UL752 Level 3 and UL752 Level 8 ballistic window frames to support your ballistic glazing. Any size, any configuration, any threat Level, any color, they have the solution for you.
  • ClearSpeak™ System – BGAS provides an exclusive solution to keep you safe, and still allow excellent communication with your Clients. Our ClearSpeak™ system provides 100% ballistic protection, but allows audio to travel around the system edges to enable whisper quiet conversation.
  • Ballistic Doors – BGAS manufactures ballistic doors and frames to meet any threat you may face. UL752 Level 3 and UL752 Level 8 solutions for any opening are available.


Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions, LLC

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