About Our Partner

CirrusMD leapfrogs legacy telehealth solutions to deliver the industry’s best experiences, providing the only Virtual Care Platform that allows patients to connect with an in-network doctor or non-clinical resources via secure chat messaging. They connect patients in under 1 minute to resources that suit their health care needs or guide them to the most appropriate point of in-network care through their mobile device or computer. In fact, CirrusMD commits to delivering the best in user experience, the best in employee/member loyalty and the best in resource navigation.

They believe efficient communication is what ultimately leads to better patient outcomes—proven with over 80% of encounters resolved on their platform with no further follow up needed.

They deliver proven scalability, leveraging a text-first model that enables more and faster access. Their platform is built – and proven – to scale in response to rapid changes in demand volume. Designed for both you and your members, CirrusMD helps manage costs without compromising fast, comprehensive access to quality care.

The best solution is the one employees use and love. Their text first, always human solution not only differentiates your company’s benefits but also helps improve care for your employees regardless of job, title or location. 

The CirrusMD platform and Provider Network deliver:

  • High utilization, strong employee engagement & loyalty

  • Direct employee access, even while they’re at work

  • Documented ROI

  • Lower cost with increased plan satisfaction

  • Cost control through venue management 

  • Access to high quality healthcare for rural and uninsured employees

The CirrusMD Provider Network’s board-certified physicians meet the highest standards for clinical quality with ongoing peer review – and are incentivized by quality of care, not encounter volume. Comprised of general practitioners, ER physicians and clinical specialists, the Provider Network all work together to solve a broad range of care needs and activities within one simple encounter.



3513 Brighton Blvd., Suite 230 Denver, Colorado, 80216

Email: getstarted@cirrusmd.com

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