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Computing System Innovations creates the technology that delivers exactly what people need to find, track, and keep their information safe in this brave new world. Their products (listed below) are proven solutions that are revolutionizing the way people solve their information solution issues-everyday.

  • Intellidact – the #1 redaction and indexing solution in the industry.
  • Intellidact LBX – the most advanced machine learning software to automate document classification, data extraction, and redaction. 
  • Intellidact RPA – helps businesses and organizations automate their manual workflow processes.

The members of CSI’s team are experts in image processing and unstructured data recognition technology, enabling them to deliver innovative redaction and business workflow solutions.

Their incomparable vision and hands-on, real-world enterprise production experience combine to make them highly sought-after speakers and panelists at key national and international industry event.

CSI makes finding, tracking and protecting your data simple, efficient and cost-effective.


Computing System Innovations

791 Piedmont-Wekiwa Rd Apopka, FL 32703

Phone: (407) 598-1800

Email: info@csisoft.com

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