About Our Partner

DisposeRx, Inc. is a drug disposal company dedicated to decreasing the risks of drug diversion, overdoses, accidental poisonings and antibiotic resistance by facilitating medication management behavior change and eradicating the misuse of unused medications.

They are spearheading programs to educate communities about practical, convenient, inexpensive and safe medication disposal solutions, preventing drug addictions, overdoses and deaths. DisposeRx distributes their drug disposal product through pharmacies, hospitals, hospices, community groups, law enforcement agencies, retailers and wholesalers nationwide. DisposeRx’s patented drug disposal packets and education programs are currently available at almost 50% of retail pharmacies and through 90% of the wholesale pharmacy and medical distributors across the nation.

What is the product? 

DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packets are comprised of materials that are FDA-approved for oral medications and provide a simple, convenient and effective solution for the disposal of unused or expired medications. The active ingredient in the medication is chemically and physically sequestered in a polymer gel when water and the DisposeRx powder are added to a prescription vial and shaken. Patients can use the patented product with pills, tablets, capsules, liquids and powders and can then throw away the vial in the household trash.

How does it work?

  • DisposeRx was designed to help reduce the occurrence and/or severity of certain risks associated with keeping unused medication around the home.
  • The DisposeRx powder is non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • Each of the components is on the FDA’s List of Inactive Ingredients for approved oral medications.
  • Our innovative technology includes cross-linking polymers that activate in water in the presence of unused medication in the original prescription vial in less than 30 seconds.

DisposeRx’s simple-to-use disposal solution enables users to secure a healthier home and facilitates the easy disposal of unwanted medications into household trash.



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