about our partner

DocPanel is the world’s first on-demand, pay-as-you-go, contract-free service offering radiological reads, second opinions, educational consults, and diagnoses from high-caliber, sub-specialty radiologists at prestigious academic hospitals in the United States.

Find exactly the expertise you need and pay only for the services you use. Their revolutionary marketplace business model gives healthcare providers and patients a choice — and a voice — in sending, discovering, reading, and diagnosing complex clinical cases online.

At the heart of DocPanel are elite medical professionals whose capabilities and expertise can be trusted. They offer access to some of the top board-certified sub-specialty radiologists in the United States. Their vision is to provide a fresh, new way of delivering care by bringing together communities of the most qualified physicians to serve the needs of those who matter most — patients.

Lives are saved by swift and accurate diagnosis. Quality of life can be drastically improved when the right diagnosis and treatment plan is quickly identified or when conditions are ruled out.

Their 6-step credential verification approach ensures the radiology reading services you receive are performed exclusively by the most qualified academic-level and fellowship-trained sub-specialty radiologists:

  • 100% sub-specialty experience across every modality and specialization area
  • 100% academic-level and fellowship-trained practitioners
  • 100% of radiologists located in the United States

Never again question the quality, value, or feasibility of using online radiology reading services.

When you use DocPanel, you’re in complete control of selecting the right radiologist for your cases. DocPanel gives imaging providers and patients the freedom and ability to ask an online radiologist for help specific to unique, per-case needs and conditions.

Modern healthcare needs require modern healthcare solutions. In an era where instant gratification is the rule, not the exception, you deserve direct, on-demand access to the right doctors whenever you need them.