About Our Partner

Eddy is a simple, web-based platform designed to fix the privileging and credentialing process — for everyone. Eddy takes the pain out of credentialing for healthcare organizations, providers, and medical staff offices. Providers complete Eddy’s comprehensive credentialing form once and securely share it with medical institutions, as needed.

Their unique combination of software and services is built to help those who manage credentialing and enrollment improve operational efficiency. EddyCore is a cloud-based application designed to accelerate your compliance and enrollment processes.

EddyCore was designed by credentialing and enrollment experts to make life easier for anyone responsible for managing provider credentialing and enrollment. It connects directly with many of the most commonly used PSV databases allowing you to verify with the touch of a button. EddyCore allows you to effortlessly complete forms and applications with provider data. They’ll even map any new documents for free, so you save time, every time. Managers can easily delegate responsibilities to team members to ensure efficiency and accountability. EddyCore also tracks actions and completed processes, increasing visibility and ensuring compliance.

They also offer CVO and enrollment services for managers who want a reliable partner to manage these time-intensive processes.

EddyOne is a free cloud-based credentials management platform designed to help providers eliminate the pain points that accompany credentialing, privileging and enrollment. Eddy also offers a concierge service for providers who need a dedicated specialist to help manage their professional data and documentation.

Medical staff offices and organizations use Eddy to easily gather, manage, view, and share what they need for compliance.

They provide best-in-class software and services that assist both healthcare organizations and providers, saving valuable time and resources.