GMP’s IT industry partners represent best-in-class product and service providers within the cyber, cloud, health IT and telecommunications space. These industry partners offer products and services ranging from agile operations and cloud-based solutions to data intelligence and enterprise mobility.

Our partners are able to offer solutions that will help federal, state and local government agencies better manage resources, budgets, programs, assets and operations as they go about their day-to-day operations and complex challenges. Our partners ensure our government partners make the most informed decisions to enable their missions through their IT solutions, which can integrate data sets, effectively manage data and realize efficiencies through machine learning.

Could you be our next industry partner?

The public sector could be an incredible market for your business. But, while it presents a potentially lucrative opportunity, the government can be a complicated space to move into.

To succeed in this space, you want a partner on your side who has the resources, relationships, processes and contract vehicles to get you there.

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