GMP Adds Two New Partners to Growing-Portfolio

GMP has added a new partner to our VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 65IIA contract #36F79719D0049 and another new partner to our GSA Schedule 84: Security, Fire & Law Enforcement contract # GS-07F-187GA. We are excited to add these new partners’ products to our ever-growing portfolio and continuing to provide superior products to our government customers.

Abom is a group of inventors, scientists, and designers on a mission to make the future more fun. They're creating world-class gear to solve the problems that get in the way of good times. The Abom ONE revolutionized the optics industry with the Abom ONE heated lens goggles. It is the world's first goggle featuring active anti-fog heating with integrated power and control technology. To learn more about Abom, visit their website at

Aireon Therapeutics is dedicated to enhancing the lives of CPAP users worldwide. CPAP Hydration Fluid is an ultra-pure water product that doesn't contain any solubles, micro-nutrients or particulates that can encourage bacteria, mold or fungus to grow in your hydration chamber. This product eliminates most mildewy smells associated with contaminated CPAP equipment. You won't wake up in the morning with unpleasant tastes in your mouth and daily cleaning is easier. CPAP Hydration Fluid is packaged in 12oz, single use bottles easy for use at home or while you travel! To learn more about Aireon, visit their website at

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