Five New Partners Added to GMP's GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

GMP has added five new partners to our GSA IT Schedule 70 contract # GS-35F-0858N. We are excited to add these new partners’ products to our ever-growing portfolio and continuing to provide superior products to our government customers.

Wynyard Group is a market leader in high consequence crime fighting and security software, used by law enforcement, national security agencies and major corporations. It's advanced crime analytics, intelligent cyber risk analytics and investigation platforms helps solve growing big data and security problems including organized and transnational crime, new generation extremism and high consequence cyber crime. To learn more about Wynyard Group, visit their website at

Trisotech is a global leader in digital enterprise solutions, offering innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to discover, model, analyze and find insights into their digital enterprise. Combining concepts of simplicity, usability and collaboration in the cloud, Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite is a highly visual and interactive software suite that enables non-technical business people to innovate, transform and improve their business. It brings strategy, design and technology together providing your organization with insight for gaining competitive advantage. To learn more about Trisotech, visit their website at

Wellpepper is an award-winning and clinically-validated patient engagement platform used by major health systems to improve outcomes and lower costs of care. Their interactive care plans help patients self-manage and connect to care for chronic and acute conditions with over 70% patient engagement. To learn more about Wellpepper, visit their website at

MapsPeople is passionate about making lives easier. That’s why they specialize in Indoor Navigation by leveraging the Google Maps Platform to make the transition from outdoor navigation to indoor navigation completely seamless. All the known functionality and design of Google Maps is brought inside and the user can get directions from any point outside the venue and all the way inside. To learn more about MapsPeople, visit their website at

SecTeer helps organizations better protect themselves against newly discovered vulnerabilities and threats that compromise the integrity of any network. They want to help IT Security professionals and IT operations personnel across industries uphold and maintain a more secure system, to repel the rising threats from a multitude of criminals. To learn more about SecTeer, visit their website at