About Our Partner

SecTeer was founded by veterans within the Cyber Security industry, helping  organizations better protect themselves against newly discovered vulnerabilities and threats that can compromise the integrity of any network. 

Their mission is to help IT Security professionals and IT operations personnel across industries to uphold and maintain a more secure system and to repel the rising threats from a multitude of cyber criminals with their flagship product VulnDetect.

VulnDetect can swiftly detect software which is insecure, end-of-life and susceptible to 0-days in your Windows environment. Allowing to you to gain insights on the security and patch status of hundreds of third-party apps such as Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, and allows you to instantly and automatically update them across your environment. Security patch management doesn’t need to be a complex and painful task.

Ransomware, business email compromise, denial of service attacks, 0-days exploits are some of the ways hackers can put your entire company at risk.

One exposed device is all it takes. The longer you leave your endpoints unprotected, the more likely you’ll be exposed. Security patches are often the only thing that stands between vulnerability and security. The VulnDetect makes it easy to keep all your devices up to date.



Univate Njalsgade 76, 3rd Floor DK-2300 Copenhagen Denmark

Phone: +45 70 707 759

Email: contact@secteer.com

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