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Vestige GPS offers a wide variety of tracking & monitoring solutions which include:

  • Vestige View Event Based Video Solution is an advanced incident camera equipped with powerful instant video transmission and telematics data. Vestige View was created to provide evidence of events leading up to, and during, a road accident by providing instant notifications & video. Combined with their Data Monitoring Platform (DMP) it is a perfect solution that fits the needs of many industries and applications.
  • Persa is a Positional Engine Responsible for Security and Analytics. Equipped with a built in GPS, it also improves employee monitoring, allowing you to view your employee’s locations.
  • Asset Tracking gives you the power to keep track of your mobile assets and monitor their location on demand. tTheir asset tracking solutions increase the security of your assets and can help you recover your assets in the event a theft occurs.
    Vestige DMP is the most versatile monitoring platform to date.

Whether you are looking to track your assets or employee’s activity, their solutions increase productivity and safety all while saving you money in the long run. Vestige also utilizes Google as a mapping engine which ensures up-to-date maps and a user friendly tracking platform.


Vestige GPS

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Phone: (704) 321-4960

Email: info@vestigegps.com

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