About Our Partner

X1 creates exceptional solutions for people and organizations that need to find information, whether on individual desktops, company networks or social media at the fastest speeds in the industry.

X1 makes software that allows people and organizations to find and act on information in-place, wherever it resides, for legal, compliance, governance, investigatory and productivity purposes.  Powered by patented and award winning technology, they support more than 600 enterprise customers and more than 500,000 active commercial and government users. Their products include: 

  • X1 Data Audit & Compliance™ is the only software that gives organizations the capability to access, analyze and act upon data in just minutes on an individual’s computer and company networks for the purpose of complying with internal policies, data audits and regulatory requirements.

  • X1 Social Discovery™ is the industry-leading solution that enables preservation and analysis of all web-based evidence in a court defensible manner. For law firms, legal consultants, and law enforcement who need to collect and search data from social networks and the internet.

  • X1 Insight & Collection™ upends the traditional collection process by analyzing ESI on a custodian’s assigned computer within a moment’s notice, prior to collection, enabling true early case assessment and focusing collections as precisely as desired.



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Phone: (877) 999-1347

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